NextLife™ and the "Metaverse"

With much publicity, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has introduced (and demonstrated) the next evolution of the internet:  3-D virtual animated images of individuals for (as an example use), group meetings.

​But NextLife™ sees this as much more than just for group meetings (and believes FB does too). Because if the creation of the humans (participants) in the meeting could be done via their own internal power source it would achieve a virtual world unto itself.

"The other research thrust is referred to by the stakeholders as investigating "zero-power devices," particularly important if you subscribe to the IoT vision of billions, potentially trillions, of wirelessly-connected devices."

NextLife™ believes this is a step toward NextLife™'s recreation of a corporeal human being, used here in the "metaverse" as a conference tool but in NextLife™'s eyes it is the opening of a door to a virtual reality world from which humans never die, "If technology succeeds in creating emotionally intelligent digital humans, experts say, it may forever change the way living people cooperate with computers... raising complex philosophical questions about the nature of immortality and the purpose of existance itself."