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There Are Spying Eyes Everywhere—and Now They Share a Brain

In modern life, we’re rarely not in the crosshairs of some spying device or other. We rush by a license plate reader on our way to work, a few blocks from a burglary that’s being patternized. As we walk from the parking lot to the gym, or the mosque, we’re picked up on a dozen CCTVs. We attend a protest under the watchful eye of a drone. Our smartphones log our every move, our every click, and our every like. But no single one of these machines, when used in isolation, is omniscient. The fact that intelligence can be difficult and tedious to correlate was perhaps the last natural rampart standing between us and total surveillance. The little privacy we have left exists in the spaces between each data point.   Fusion technology eviscerates those spaces. With the click of an “INVESTIGATE” button, our digital footprints, once scattered, become a single uninterrupted life history, leaving not only our enemies, but also our friends and our lovers with nowhere to hide.   BACKCHANNEL, (ARTHUR MICHEL FEB 4, 2021)      
Metaverse Company to Offer Immortality Through ‘Live Forever’ Mode
Somnium Space is developing a way for people to talk to their loved ones even after they die. All it requires is massive amounts of personal data. 
By Maxwell Strachan (April 13, 2022)
[But can a replicant “learn” as time goes by post-mortality?  Do replicants have to be humanly “updated”’ unlike Google’s DeepMind chess example?  Will human desire to “live forever” accept a replicant where even approximations would do,?] 
How Belief In AI sentience Is Becoming A Problem,   
Reuters (June 30, 2022,)  

Technology Moves Human Functionality Toward AI
How Tech is Turning Doctors Into Clerical Workers:  The Threat That Electronic Health Records and Machine Learning Pose To Physicians Clinical Judgement, New York Times Magazine, Michael Pollan, (May 16, 2018)
The Future of Computing:  How Brain-Computer Interfaces Will Change Our Relationship With Computers, The Digital Speaker, Dr Mark van Rijmenam,
(Oct 21, 2021),
Meta adds more muscle from Nvidia GPUS, Azure Cloud to target AI
We expect such a step function change in compute capability to enable us not only to create more accurate AI models for our existing services, but also to enable completely new user experiences, especially in the metaverse.
Can AI become smart enough to solve Meta’s content-policing problems.  The element of what is moral, what is ethical, comes in --- artificial intelligence cannot do that.  Isobel Asher Hamilton (June 15, 2022)
Can we exist in a Metaverse?
The Metaverse  “…a  parallel synthetic reality… virtual worlds that can be accessed simultaneously by millions of users… a portal into a new realm.”,  
The Metaverse, Mathew Ball, (The Economist, July 30, 2022) 
Can AI become smart enough to solve Meta’s content-policing problems.  The element of what is moral, what is ethical, comes in --- artificial intelligence cannot do that.  Isobel Asher Hamilton (June 15, 2022)
AI Ethics shocking revelation, training AI to be toxic or biased may be beneficial   Creating a biased algorithm into the virtual world:  Making a sentient AI with human biases enabling survival of the species, but can the purpose be defined? Are we ready for the future?  Lance Elliot (June 12, 2022)
How will we know when an AI actually becomes sentient?  What is the algorithm of/for humans and is there a purpose in existence… maybe belief in the unknown, i.e., “hope” undefined…?  Luke Dormehl (Jume 25, 2022)
Google’s powerful AI spotlights a human cognitive glitch.   Mistaking fluent speech for fluent thought… Human struggles to understand the unknown… 

We can virtually model any individual human being

“…But I have an even bigger gun. It’s called the NSA. It’s one of the perks of being president….  The phone of the person sitting next to you. Your neighbor's phone, and everyone you know, and the 300 million Americans you don’t know. I can see you. And I can use what I see…
I’m talking about tapping into every single home in America…”,  
Frank Underwood soliloquy in American TV Series, 
"House of Cards", Episode 7: Chapter 43, Netflix Original (2013-18).